Choose your level of of engagement

  • 25000R
    Perfect if you require basic consultation work only
    Valid for 3 months
    • Assessment and evaluation of your proposals
    • Assistance in document preparation and presentation
    • Application form provisions & KYC due diligence requirements
    • Getting you ready!
    • Limited to 2 Projects
  • 250000R
    Every year
    Perfect if you require ADVANCED consultation work only
    Valid for 2 years
    • Document Preparation
    • KYC and CIS due diligence and submissions
    • Project Review and Assessments
    • Final Document submissions
    • Extended meeting times
    • Development and Project plan
    • Limited to 5 Projects
  • 1000000R
    Every year
    • Document Preparation
    • Planning and Consulting
    • Project Establishment and Management
    • Project Oversight
    • Due Diligence on all aspects of the project
    • Appointments and assesments of all parties
    • Act as Fiduciary
    • Offshore Services
    • Mobilization assistance